Top Four Intellectual Wellness Apps: Train Your Brain While Playing Games

A man went in for a brain transplant operation and the surgeon offered the man a choice of two brains. He could choose either an architect’s brain for $10,000, or a politician’s brain for $100,000. “Does that mean that the politician’s brain is much smarter than the architect’s?” exclaimed the clearly puzzled man. “Not exactly” replied the surgeon, “The politician’s brain just hasn’t been used.”

Don’t let your brain go soft! Your brain needs exercise just like the rest of your body. So, we found four different and fun apps that can help keep your brain challenged. These apps have fun, challenging games made specifically to exorcise different areas of your brain by solving problems and answering questions. Play these games a few minutes each day and you could give your brain a ‘tune-up’ or even an ‘upgrade’. Challenge yourself, your friends and your kids while playing games and having fun.

1. Brain Trainer by Lumosity (FREE) iPhone

Brain Trainer has 10 brain games designed to enhance your cognitive abilities: including memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. To achieve the best results, you should play brain games a few minutes each day. Over 14 million users have trained their brain using Brain Trainer and they reported the following benefits:

• Improved memory

• Enhanced mood

• Better problem solving skills

• Ability to think more quickly

Start improving your brain NOW!

2. Words With Friends (FREE) iPhone & Android

Do you have a large vocabulary? Test your vocabulary knowledge with Words With Friends. This app brings the joys of Scrabble to your smart phone. You can sign in to Words with Friends through your Facebook account to find friendly opponents with ease and when you prevail you can post your victory.

3. Clockwork Game (FREE) iPhone

Discover a series of ingenious mini-games especially created to test various cognitive abilities such as visual, spatial, logic, language, arithmetic, and memory. Train your brain and challenge yourself with Clockwork Brain!


★ Scrolling Silhouettes: Trains Visual/Spatial Ability

★ Anagrams: Trains Language Processing

★ Missing Tiles: Trains Arithmetic

★ Chase the Numbers: Trains Memory

★ Size Matters (Unlockable Bonus): Trains Visual/Spatial Ability


★Word Length: Trains Language Processing

★Sculpt Away: Trains Memory

★Directions: Trains Visual/Spatial Ability

★Points of View: Trains Logic

★Label It: Trains Language Processing

★What Changed: Trains Memory

4. Sudoku(FREE) iPhone & Android

Sudoku free has unique handcrafted puzzles across four different skill levels, and is a great introduction to the fun and puzzle solving challenge of Sudoku.

Sudoku Features:

• Multiple color schemes
                 • ALL puzzles are solvable WITHOUT guessing

• Unique handcrafted puzzles
        • 4 color schemes

• Four different skill levels
              • Challenge a friend

• “ALL notes”: tap the “All notes” button on to show possible answers for each square. Tap the “All notes” button off to remove the notes

• Pause the game at any time and resume where you left off

• Best times, progress statistics, and much more

• Hints: shows the answer for the selected square or a random square when one is not selected