Using social media for event planning

When it comes to planning an event – social media may quickly become your best friend. Social media is free, easy to use, has a huge following, and is oh-so-available…All of which make social media a very valuable resource. Whether you’re promoting a new product, sporting event, concert, or fundraiser – when used correctly, social media will engage your audience and create a buzz around your event. If you put in the time, social media will do the work!


Here are some ideas on how social media can help you with your next media event:


  • Choose a venue, date and time – use social media to read boards and chat with others in your field regarding venues, etc.
  •  Determine program – speakers, time limits, prepare message points for speakers, collect all speeches prior to event (to edit/check for cohesiveness)
  • Use social media to send invitations.


§  Create event listings on social networks

§  Integrate social media with registration

§  Use a hashtag
 on social media sites

§  Create promotional video to post on sites

§  Use Pitchengine to create multi-media enabled press releases, and send the URL for the release to any and all “maybes” on your list.



    §  Locate supplies online using message boards and reviews       

 § Prior to the event, issue a short media advisory alerting reporters of the event      

 §  Collect RSVPs online



  • Via Ustream (iPhone app) you can stream live video of your event for free. 
  • Have Twitter walls displayed
  •  If showcasing different items or a venue, have different check-in locations for attendees (use Four Square)
  • Start a Twitter contest – give away prize for people that can correctly answer marketing trivia via their Twitter feed.
  • Create event pages on: Facebook Events
- Evenbrite – Upcoming – Linkedin
  •  Provide Twitter transcripts to attendees, and also post it to your various event pages. Backupify has a super cool new, free service called Session Tweets  where you can automatically make a PDF of all tweets using your event hashtag.

Social media can help find a venue and supplies, send invitations and record RSVPs, disseminate information, record transcripts and videos, engage attendees, encourage attendee interaction, can enhance attendees experience, and much more.

Here is a list of social media sites that are helpful when planning events:

  •        Facebook Events
  •        Linkedin
  •        Twitter
  •        Pitchengine
  •        Ustream
  • –       Google+
  • –       Eventbrite
  • –       Hootsuite
  • –       pinterest
  • –       instagram
  •        snapchat



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